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4680 Thermal Design And Management Why Ribbon Cooling Is Better

We consulted a mechanical engineer and heat transfer specialist* to get his opinion on how Tesla might design the cooling system for its new 4680 integrated battery system. The analysis suggests that Tesla might integrate the cooling into the body/ battery. No more cooling snake.

4680 Thermal Design and Management Why Ribbon Cooling is Better

The thermal analysis also suggests that Tesla might now go to something similar to a flat cooling plate design. The cooling plates could be integral with the top and bottom sheets Musk talked about in the above quote. They would provide shear strength as well. The electrical connections could also be made through that top sheet. This is very similar to another Tesla patent we discussed here.

The newer battery packs with 4680 cells will be cooled down by placing the coolant tubes above and below the cells, the right way to dissipate battery heat. Coupled with the tab-less design that reduces the cooling loop, Tesla has found the secret sauce for optimal battery thermal management.

It`s suitable for cylindrical battery thermal management, such as 18650, 2170,4680,46950... If for 32700 cell cooling, cooling pipe size can be 5055mm, thickness can be 23mm, so all products are all customized, according to customers' battery pack, drawing and thermal data. And we have our R&D team, can provide design service. 041b061a72


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