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The best part about this gift is that it has taken me out of a dark place almost instantly.  It is so pretty.


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This is not your ordinary journal. For some reason, the blank pages in other journals I've purchased were so intimidating. I just didn't know where to start. I love how The Perfect Me is designed as a guide to help me along the way.


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I'm not a reader, writer, or someone who likes to journal. HOW--EVA, this book right here will let you crawl out of your shell and give you hug. You don't want to mess it up because it is so beautiful.  I feel like Claudine was thinking of me when she wrote it.


About Me

How It All Started

Hello Beautiful, my name is Claudine Cox.  I was born and raised on the sunshine island of Jamaica, West Indies and migrated to the United States in 1989. Growing up in Jamaica, life quickly dictated that my place was to be seen and not heard, to accept truth as hard as it may sound, and to bury hurt so deep in my soul that it becomes non-existent. But what happens when life forces you to come face to face with those memories?


Leveraging the desire to be whole again, to thrive and not just survive, I fiercely set out on a holistic journey of rebuilding my mind, body, and spirit. During the day, I allowed my feelings to flow through my paint brush on my stretched canvas and at night I poured my soul into my journal. This journey of revisiting wounds I thought were healed and the desire to empower women to do the same birthed, "The Perfect Me Is Up To Me" as a gift to myself and others like me.


Claudine Cox

Claudine Cox

How I Can Help You Tap Into Your Power 

The Road To Forgiveness

7-Day Guided Challenges

Cost: $9.99

You are not alone.

Forgiveness is a decision that you make in order to give yourself the gift of PEACE. As simple as that may sound, it is one of the most difficult things to do for the ones who caused the offense as much as it is for yourself, with whom you believe allowed it to happen. There are a few steps that one must take along the journey of making the decision to forgive someone as well as handling the emotions from the hurt that you still experience after forgiveness.  Are YOU ready to do the work?  Here's what I know to be true:

"If you do not let it go, IT will not let you go"

The Road After Forgiveness

21-Day Guided Challenges

COST: $29.99

Forgiveness is not a singular action. It is a process that is linked to a series of  discoveries, acknowledgements, and acceptance.  Once we have followed through with the gift of forgiveness, we now have to heal after forgiveness.

The practice of journaling is an act of self-care whether it is freestyle journaling or guided journaling.  Journaling encourages a positive self-reflective space of mindfulness in helping the brain regulate thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Journaling allows us a space to pour out from within and begin the process of healing.  



COST: $69.99/MONTH

The Perfect Me is Up To Me is a monthly group membership that will launch in 2023.  

This private group will gain full access at no additional cost to all the 7-Day challenges, monthly masterclasses, closed Facebook group, discounts to webinars, 1 free 30-minute one-on-one consultation, networking opportunities, collaborations, and much more. 

As women, we need a space to ask questions free from judgement, practical hands-on strategies that will guide in our return to sense of self, value, and worth.  

This is for women who have spent their adult lives putting themselves on the backburner.  Women who are still asking the question, "Who Am I"? Women who are finding it difficult to be their authentic self.