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Display Maestro 5 For Mac Free Download

The all new Maestro iOS is optimized for all resolutions and devices from the retina display on iPhone 5 and iPad 4th generation, to previous devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Maestro for Mac is free and can be downloaded from the Apogee support section and Maestro for iOS is free in the App store.

Display Maestro 5 for Mac Free Download

Please note: This is the initial release of version 5 for Windows. It currently contains all of the features of the Mac version with 2 exceptions: (1) The optional display of note names above the keyboard and landmarks is not yet implement and (2) Special Display Options is currently limited to Single Note mode. These two features will be fully implemented in a free update later this year.

Position the on-screen keyboard above or below the staff as desired (where you can reach it), and use the on-screen keyboard to enter notes. The Tools palette has a button for freezing the notes onto the display.

You can freeze the display by engaging the Caps Lock key on your computer keyboard. You can also hold down the Shift key or you can press and old a pedal on your MIDI keyboard that has been designated for this purpose.

NOTE: After entering a chord, you can cycle through all possible spellings of the chord by repeatedly pressing the E key. Alternatively, in Chord mode, you can enter a chord, freeze the display, and then target a particular note by playing it again. After that, you can repeatedly press the E key to cycle through various spellings of that one particular note 041b061a72


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