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Return To House On Haunted Hill Legendas Portug... ~REPACK~

... in that pieces of the plot are borrowed, but there is quite a bit of original material added including background information , and I'd say this version is much scarier than the 1959 William Castle film. The only thing the original had that this one lacks is the irreplaceable Vincent Price, and this 1999 version does a bit of homage to him by naming the wealthy man Stephen Price who hosts a birthday party for his wife in a supposedly haunted house.As in the original ,the Prices are hostile to each other, but Mrs. Price is staying because she gets no money in a divorce but gets it all if Mr. Price dies. Also, as in the original, there are five guests who get - in this case - one million dollars each if they stay the entire night. Anybody who leaves forfeits their money to the others. What's different? Well the road the plot takes from there is different, and the beginning of the film details the origins of the haunted house. It was originally the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane run by the sadistic Dr. Vannacutt. In 1931 the inmates manage to free themselves from their cells and start a fire that kills all of the patients and all but five of the staff. The house has meant death or tragedy to anybody who lived in it since.So the five guests who arrive are not who Price invited. His wife doesn't know them either. And after everybody is inside it turns out that turning chicken and wanting to leave would be futile because the house shuts itself down, sealing every window and door. It was a feature when the place was an insane asylum in case of escape.So at this point wouldn't it be wise just to sit in the civilized renovated upstairs portion of the house, all in one little group, and wait out the night? But no. This group goes down the fateful but familiar path of "Some malevolent force is out to get us so let's split up and explore the basement", which is the original insane asylum part of the house. Downstairs interesting frights and discoveries about exactly who the guests are await them, and I'll just let you watch and find out what happens. It does rely quite a bit more on suspense and less on gore than most modern horror films. I'll just say this thing scared me to death when I saw it in the theater years ago, and the William Castle/Vincent Price version was eerie and psychologically interesting, but I have never found it all that frightening.

Return to House on Haunted Hill Legendas Portug...

An amusement park owner has refurbished a former asylum where a doctor had murdered many patients. He (Geoffrey Rush) and his wife (Famke Janssen) has invited guests (Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher, Ali Larter, Bridgette Wilson, Chris Kattan) for her unique birthday party. He offers them $1M each to spend the night in the haunted house.Like the amusement park rides in the beginning, it's all flash and amusing. You know everything is fake, and it's nothing to be taken seriously. It's very cheesy. Whether it's Rush's mustache or Kattan's silliness, you just have to shake your head at it all. The set is completely fake and the people too. Sadly they didn't embrace the cheese fully to draw out a couple of chuckles.

A Rat in the Darkness (Una rata en la oscuridad, 1979) SPANISH LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Alfredo Salazar, Mexico Two sisters move into a house unaware that it's haunted. Not only do poltergeist type activities start happening but one sister seems to become possessed. Of course, you'll be scratching your head by the time the nonsensical ending arrives. What an odd film!! Melissa Kusia

Things go further downhill for the heroes when the ghost of Chen's right hand man Clouse, (their old foe) who survived the destruction of the Cursed Realm, unleashes the villainous Djinn, Nadakhan; captain of the Misfortune's Keep and Sky Pirates, a wish-granting pirate who quickly captures Wu and Misako before setting out to locate his long-missing crew after framing the Ninja for a series of crimes that turns the populace against them. Framing the Ninja (by shapeshifting into them wreaking havoc across the city) and reuniting with his crew, Nadakhan learns that the destruction of the Cursed Realm has caused the collapse of its Sister Realm and his former home and kingdom of Djinjago. After returning to his home realm of Djinjago only to find it falling apart; he then receives the Djinn Blade from his father and returns to Ninjago intended on reshaping it into a new version of his home. In an effort to halt him, with their fans turned against them and their team dwindling in numbers as the Djinn turns their wishes against them to trap them in his Sword of Souls, the Ninja seek advice from Nadakhan's old foe Captain Soto, who advises them to seek out Tiger Widow Island for the means of weakening the Djinn.

On a decoy bus, Stine and the kids drive to the abandoned amusement park, and Stine tells Zach what to write because the Story has to be Fully Complete in order to work, but then Slappy finds them since the Werewolf tracked their scent, and Slappy opens the book titled The Blob That Ate Everyone. Once the Blob came to life, it devoured the fun house, where they were hiding and Stine tells the kids to climb to the top of the Abandoned Ferris Wheel and finish the story while he distracts the Blob. The Blob swallows Stine, but he's still alive as Slappy watches and begins tormenting Stine, saying that being trapped in the blob is like being locked inside Stine's manuscripts, then Slappy notices that Stine doesn't have the manuscript that's going to defeat them, and sees that Zach has it, Slappy then sends the monster army after them. Zach, Hannah, and Champ, having climb the Ferris Wheel, avoiding the monster army below. Zach finished the story and put the final page of it in a leather bound manuscript. The mantis chews the bolts, causing the wheel to roll down the hill and crash, luckily, they survive. As Zach, who is about to open the book, he realized that if he did, all the Monsters, Including Hannah will be sucked in too. Hannah then tells Zach that she knew she wasn't real after all and she opens the book herself. All of the monsters are then sucked back to the book one by one. When the Blob gets sucked in the book, it spits R.L. Stine out. Slappy then begins to strangle Stine only for him to kick Slappy into the vortex. Slappy vanishes saying "See you in your dreams!". As Zach holds onto Hannah, she accepts her fate. Zach and Hannah kiss goodbye, lets go of him and is sucked in the book as well, before Champ closes it.

If this old German hospital looks disturbing, well, it is. Just check out its chilling resume: Between 1898 and 1930, the Beelitz-Heilstätten complex served as a tuberculosis sanatorium. It also housed mustard gas and machine gun victims during World War I, including a young soldier named Adolf Hitler. The hospital later went on to be a major treatment center for Nazi soldiers during World War II, and it was used as a Soviet military hospital from 1945 until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, a few wards are used as a neurological rehabilitation center, although the majority of the complex is abandoned. The surgery and psychiatric wards have both been left to decay and give way to nature (and vandals), and the result looks like something straight out of American Horror Story: Asylum. 041b061a72


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