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Buy Corelle Replacement Plates

We also searched for dinnerware collections that you can purchase open stock, which allows you to customize the set to suit your needs and to replace the dish or two that will inevitably break. Ideally, we wanted sets that allow you to choose shallow soup bowls or deep cereal bowls, simple coffee mugs or dainty teacups and saucers, and a variety of dinner and salad plate sizes. But at the very minimum, we thought each set should contain the essentials: dinner and salad plates, cereal bowls, and coffee mugs (the latter two are more practical and versatile than daintier soup bowls and teacups). We also ruled out any sets with bowls that were flat-bottomed, too deep, or too shallow. Additional serving pieces offered outside the main place setting were a nice bonus but not a requirement for us.

buy corelle replacement plates

Always retrieve plates from the top of a stack rather than sliding them out from the middle, to avoid unnecessary pressure that could scratch or break them. Also, avoid subjecting your dinnerware to extreme temperature changes, such as pouring boiling water into a cold teacup, as this can cause breakage due to thermal shock. Though none of the mugs or teacups from our picks broke in our thermal stress tests, breakage can occur, so be mindful.

The Nevaeh White by Fitz and Floyd Coupe Dinnerware Collection looks similar to the Dansk Ingram set, but some of our testers thought the plates were too big. The bowl is also too shallow for eating cereal. That said, this set was popular among the coupe-shaped bone china we tested.

The Nevaeh White by Fitz and Floyd Rim Dinnerware Collection was our previous top pick. Several customer reviews on the Bed Bath & Beyond site say the mugs and teacups crack when filled with hot water. We ran a series of thermal-shock tests and had no problems, and the Fitz and Floyd customer service representative we spoke to was not aware of the issue. But since the breakage seems common enough, we no longer feel comfortable recommending the set. We still think the plates, bowls, and other serving pieces are good quality, especially for the price.

The AmazonBasics 16-Piece Dinnerware Set had inconsistencies in the glaze, and the plates were badly scratched. This set was also noticeably grayer than our picks, an effect that most of us found unappealing.

The dinner plate in the Apilco Tradition Porcelain Dinnerware Collection weighs a whopping 2 pounds, 1.6 ounces. Since a stack of four plates would weigh nearly 8.5 pounds, we had to dismiss this set.

The highly popular Fiesta brand is known for unique dinnerware. It offers dishes in 13 bright color options with a fun concentric pattern around the rim. You can buy different color sets to mix and match or to decorate for the holidays. Note: Some colors are currently out of stock. Reviewers love that they are sturdy yet lightweight. The dishes are chip-resistant, and Fiesta provides a five-year chip-replacement warranty.

This Williams-Sonoma dinnerware brings a rustic look with stylish wide rims reminiscent of stoneware, but it's made of durable BPA-free melamine. Melamine is a great choice for outdoor dining because it's lightweight and less prone to scratches or breaks, even when dropped on a hard surface. It is also more functional than paper plates.

A set includes a dinner plate, small plate and salad bowl. All pieces are top-rack dishwasher safe, but not microwavable. The larger collection includes serving platters, serving bowls and chargers, sold separately, to further elevate your outdoor dining experience. While the set is no longer available, you can still purchase the plates and bowls separately.

This sleek, matte black dinnerware is Amazon's Choice for an 8-setting set and has almost 15,000 five-star reviews from users. The fashionable style can be dressed up for more formal meals or used as everyday dinnerware. With a whopping 32 pieces, the set includes mugs and bowls as well as dinner plates and salad plates that feature a short rim that's great for saucy dishes. The durable stoneware is dishwasher and microwave safe. The set also makes great serving pieces.

The plates and bowls are sold in sets of four rather than as settings, which means you can choose the types of plates and bowls you need rather than being stuck with dinnerware you'll never use. There's also a serving dish and bowl available for purchase separately.

Thank you for the lead content data. Do you have any leaching or wipe sample data for the corelle plates? I am more concerned with what might be transfered to the food than what is in the plate or glazing.

I have corning ware. The painted design is non the outside. If the interior of the casserole is white does that make it safe to bake and boil food in???? The three blue flowers lookibg like chicory on casseroles and the blue vine flowers on plates and cups. Also have the large harvest designed casserole, again all white on the cooking inside.

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Hi,Thank you for the post, and taking time out to test products.We bought a new set of corelle dinner ware before reading this post . I can understand the mugs are big NO. Could you let us know about the plates ,bowls and half plates. Do we need to change them???

While Corelle has released hundreds of dishes over the years, all of which sport different patterns, every pattern on Corelle dishware follows a set of design principles. Corelle is known for its patterned borders along the edge of plates, cups, bowls and saucers. The patterns are typically floral and delicate with simple motifs. The designs are generally monochromatic, meaning they are only one color. While there are some multicolored Corelle dishes, the color scheme is typically limited.

The plates, bowls and other pieces are made of a material called Vitrelle glass, a special three-layer glass laminate first developed for TV screens in the 1940s. That material makes the dinnerware especially resistant to chips, cracks and breaking.

If you need an entire set of dinnerware, or you want something a little more decorative than plain white plates, Walmart has you covered. The retailer is offering several 12-piece Corelle brand dinnerware sets for $27.97, which breaks down to about $2.33 per piece.

Free replacement of any Corelle item that breaks, chips or cracks or permanently stains within a year of purchase in the course of normal household usage against the proof of purchase. Normal household use is preparing, serving and cleaning after every meal. The warranty does not cover household moving, storage, camping, commercial or institutional use of Corelle products.

We have been using Corelle dishes for 15 years. Yesterday after picking up a dish, I had a sharp object stuck in my finger. After looking under a magnifier lens, it turned out to be a fragment from the edge of the dish. After this, I wiped the cupboard with a paper towel where the dishes were stored, and found many fragments stuck on the towel. These plates have been dropping small fragments for years, and I never noticed it before. I think it is my duty to warn people of this potential dangerous ingestion problem. These fragments are so small they are hard to notice. I now wonder how many fragments I have ingested over the years. I included a photograph of a stack of 6 dishes. You can see the fragmenting on the edges.

Bought these because they were break resistant (actually dropped one in the store before purchase to check). Once home though plates actually shatter into 100's of pieces, & stick into any skin they hit!! Each plate that was accidentally dropped has shattered & caused personal damage. Still finding pieces week later. Definitely would not purchase again!

Four years ago I bought a set of the square Pretty Pink design. I have always heard good things about Corelle so I thought I would give it a try. They have such nice patterns. After 3 years I started noticing an unusual "chipping" of the paint around the edges of the plates and bowls so I contacted Corelle and they claimed not to be familiar with that kind of wear so they asked me to email pictures to them so I did. They told me they would get back to me in a couple of days regarding my complaint. To my surprise they emailed me within a couple of hours with a very general looking response saying that after 3 years they don't cover anything. Really? They couldn't have just told me on the phone? Needless to say it is 6 months later and tiny glass shards are flaking off and imbedding into fingers.

My parents had Corelle plates ever since I can remember. I am now 47 years old. Approximately 8 years ago I bought two sets of dinnerware in the red stripe diner pattern. The set survived several moves and there it was only one small chip on the side of one of the plates. The other evening, I dropped a plate from countertop height onto hardwood flooring and it shattered into many extremely sharp curved shards. Unfortunately, as I was stepping backwards so the falling plate did not hit me on the foot, one of the shards shot underneath my right foot and I stepped directly on it. Because of its very sharp and curved shape, like a scimitar, it stuck very deep into my foot. It took several weeks to heal this deep puncture.

I'm wondering if the plates are manufactured differently now from the way they were in the 1970s. I know we dropped a lot of these plates as a kid and I never remember one breaking before. I have decided to get rid of these dishes. As others above have noted, the coffee mugs are not made of the same glass as the plates, so this review does not apply to those items.

Was putting dishes away when I heard a "crack" sound. I thought it was the mug I just put away. When I didn't notice anything wrong with the mug, I continued putting dishes away. When I put away some saucers I noticed that one of the saucers that was in the cabinet was completely cracked in half. I thought Corelle ware was unbreakable. I was wrong and very disappointed. Now I have to see if I can get a replacement. 041b061a72


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