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Different types of Couple Rings Set

The majority of us focus on the central stone when we search for the perfect engagement ring however, we do not look at the settings. They not only affect the overall look of the ring, but they also contribute to its durability as time passes and the safety of the stones.

In this article, we will examine the different kinds of engagement rings and the different kinds of settings for center stones, providing an overview of the anatomy of these precious stones. Selecting an engagement ring need not be as difficult as finding your perfect partner. The process will be much easier by deciding on metal budget, style, and diamonds one at atime. This article will assist you to make the right decision by focusing on engagement ring styles.

Components of a wedding ring

Engagement rings come with a variety of parts that come together to make the ring both functional and attractive. Imagine a ring as a small universe made of various parts which work together to create a stunning piece. Understanding these parts will allow you to discern the differences between rings and also help you communicate better with jewelers.

Shank - Provides a solid base for the set stones and affects the design of the ring.

Bridge The bridge makes the ring more comfortable to wear. Additionally, it contains the head of the engagement ring as well as sometimes the settings of the smaller stones

Head or Crown- This is atop the bridge and displays the center diamond or other primary gemstones.

Gallery - An empty space which allows light to enter the center stone. This enhances the shine the stone.

Gallery Guide - Adds strength to the head and helps protect the center stone.

Spallettes serve as transition areas and are often set with pave style stones.

Center Stone The stone in the center of the ring.

Side Stones: Stones placed adjacent to the center stone to add sparkle and color.

Pave stones are small stones that are used for enhancing beauty and sparkle.

Prongs, also known as prongs, hold stones in place, and protect them.

Size area allows you to alter the size of the ring as needed.

Hallmark ensures the high quality of the precious metal that is an engagement ring.

What are the various types of engagement rings?

What is the reason you should know about the different kinds of engagement rings? The answer is simpler than you think! Knowing the options can make a big difference in getting what you and your loved one are looking for without compromising. If you're seeking inspiration for your ring or to surprise your loved one knowing the language of rings will allow you to research and refine your choices and help you choose the ideal engagement ring.

When you begin to research engagement ring styles and settings it is beneficial to first understand some general categories. We'll explore various types of engagement rings below.

Solitaire engagement ring

The most well-known style of engagement ring. In a solitaire engagement ring one stone is usually set in a basic setting. Solitaire rings are available in a variety of styles, from basic to extremely elaborate. They can be lavish extravagant, luxurious or even simple. But they always feature a single stone. The word "solitary" is used to describe "a single gemstone", "a singular stone". The setting or band has to be free of any other stones or diamonds.

Halo engagement ring

The halo engagement ring has become a favorite among people who love them today. The Halo style was first introduced in the 1920s, and is a style that has more than one stone. Usually, it's a ring with a center stone, such as diamonds (or any other gemstone) that is surrounded by other diamonds and smaller stones. This style is very well-liked, since the gleam of the stones around it creates a look and radiance that is superior to traditional single stone rings. There's more to the term "Halo". Did you know that the word "halo" translated into Italian, was inspired by nature? In a natural setting,"halo" means "ring around the sun" "halo" is an oblique ring around the sun that has a deeper meaning than simple jewelry.

Pave engagement ring

This type of engagement ring stands out from others due to the small diamonds around the setting or around the entire band of the ring. What's the secret? The metal is almost indestructible because the diamonds are so closely set. Pave is a popular way to add some sparkle to other styles. For example, in combination with a three-stone or tri-ring.

Trilogy engagement ring

The trilogy engagement ring is distinct design. This kind of ring contains three stones on the band, generally in a row. The three stones are believed to represent the past, present and the future of the relationship. This ring option is an appealing alternative to the classic solitaire, and provides a variety of options to customize. You can find trilogy rings that have the central stone larger than the two side ones or with three stones of the same size.

Princess cut engagement ring

The princess cut engagement rings come with a diamond that is the shape of a square. It can be one stone or be flanked by other stones. It may also feature a slightly rectangular central stone. It is interesting to note that the style is named that because of the cut of the central stone - princess cut. It is the second most popular diamond cut for rings after the round. The princess cut rings are typically more expensive due to their cut. Why? The shape of a square diamond is more difficult to cut, resulting in more rough diamonds are lost. Arpad Nagy was the first to create the princess cut diamond 60 years ago in the year 1961 in London. It was initially known as a profile cut. The name was changed to princess cut as time went on.

Engagement ring with colored stones

Typically, we go with colorless diamonds, which are a timeless classic. If you're looking to add some color to your wedding colored rings are a good choice. Scermino Gemielli is a specialist jeweler that offers a range of colors, shapes and cuts, but without forgetting the carat weight or purity.

Colored diamonds are classified D to Z for color, from completely colorless to pale yellow or brown. Fancy color diamonds are a rare find, with just 12 variations, each one has nine levels of intensity and 90 secondary shades. Thus, you can pick a colored diamond from a subtle hue to a vibrant one.

Engagement rings with precious stones

In addition to being beautiful, precious stones tell stories from ancient times and carry special significance. In the past, in Rome the emeralds were regarded as being associated with Venus, the goddess of love and hope, and represented truth and love. Rubies were believed to bring wealth, health and wisdom in the European Middle Ages, while in India, they guaranteed peace and security.

In the group of stones, blue topaz represents eternal love citrine is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, and blue sapphires represent commitment and sincerity. Each stone has its own message, so consider what you'd like to convey through your engagement ring.

What kind of engagement ring to choose?

Engagement rings are truly unique not just for their price but also because of the meaning they carry with them. The sheer number of styles and designs available can make it difficult to pick the perfect ring. The most important thing to consider when choosing the perfect ring is to take into account the personality of the wearer.

The trick is to match the style of the ring with the person's everyday life. If you find a ring which truly represents her personality, then you've hit the nail on the head. In the end, an engagement ring isn't just an accessory; it's an everlasting symbol of love and commitment. Spend some time looking at the various options and choose one that doesn't just complement the unique personality of the person you are giving it, but also sparkles from the outside.


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