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I don't have cancer, but I hope I never will. I have seen firsthand how painful and devastating cancer is not just for the person dying, but on family members, children, parents, siblings, friends and other relatives.

Hubbys Friend zip

My Team Warrior Women will be walking in honor of my beloved and beautiful Aunt Debbie (lung cancer), adopted Aunt Polly (Copd) and friend Donna Moore (lung cancer). These women were warriors, they fought the good fight for as long as they could. I w

Keisha and I were the best of friends since both of us were 5 years old. Growing up, we spent every day together in some form or fashion. Whether we were face to face or talking on the phone, we were more like sisters than friends. Keisha was the sup

Eight years has passed since I lost my mother to COPD after her surviving lung cancer. I was lost for words the day my mother told me she had lung cancer. She was my best friend and my mentor, how could I live without her?

Almost 5 years ago, I lost the most amazing person in my life. My best friend, my inspiration, and a true hero. On April 14, 2011, I lost my dad to lung cancer. As a non-smoker, his stage 4 diagnosis shocked us all. What was first thought to be pneum

My name is Mara and I live in Colorado. I retired from being a high school educator in 2010 and moved immediately to where a former youth group boyfriend of mine lived. I thought it was like an Oprah Reunion story. I had my fairy tale world by the ta

My story, as it were, started when I found blood in the sink while clearing my throat one morning in February of 2014. It alarmed me more because a friend of mine had recently spent several days in a hospital because of pneumonia.

My 43 year old boyfriend began having back pain in January of 2016. He was living in China at the time, and an X-ray at a Chinese hospital showed a large mass in his lung. The doctor, through a translator, simply said, "Go home and see your family."

My name is Patty and three years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. This was the scariest time in my life. Whenever I have heard of lung cancer, it seemed to always be fatal. Plus, I have had several friends, and relatives who have died as a resul

My dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2006. I had lost a friend the year before from small cell lung cancer, so I knew what that diagnosis meant. He had quit smoking more than 20 years before his diagnosis. He lived about a year and los

My beautiful, beautiful mom and best friend lost her battle in June of 2013. She was first diagnosed with lung cancer several years prior. She was always a heavy smoker - even having a cigarette while walking in to have the upper lobe of her lung rem

My wife Helen and I always "clicked" throughout our 30 years of marriage. She was the love of my life and my very best friend. Together, we have two children. Helen was diagnosed with non-smoker's lung cancer on June 12th, 2013.

It is with many blessings, prayers, family, friends and very special doctors and surgeons that I am here to share my story. I was a closet smoker for approximately 20 years. I began coughing every morning and feeling pain in my chest. I knew then tha

It was in August of 2010, when my whole life came crashing down. I just got back from Myrtle Beach with my best friend's family. My parents were acting strange when I left, but I didn't think anything of it. I got a text from my mom right before we c

After the ceremony, the newlyweds fly off for their honeymoon to a Caribbean island where Derek's family owns a summer home. One evening, the couple befriends a young local named Manny who invites them to a nightclub, where Ava gets into a violent fight with several patrons following an encounter with local criminal Big Biz.

I came home a month ago and started hanging out with Camila more than the other friends since we're close. However, I noticed Joe behaving strangely around me. Constantly complimenting my looks/outfits. and recently has been trying to get us to have time "alone" together. This gavs me weird vibes but I didn't dare tell Camila since they're newly weds (2 months). So what I did was...whenever he runs into me in the mall or the coffeeshop. I'd instanyly call Camila and give her my location so she could come.

They went home after dinner and I stayed longer. Once I got into my car, Joe called me and was annoyed saying I shouldn't have called Camila when he already stated he wanted us to have dinner alone. He again said that I was being paranoid for no reason because he just wanted to get to know me better as Camila's friend but to be completely honest? I didn't buy inti this excuse. He said that he didn't appreciate how sneaky and dismissive I was towards his wishes and that I hurt his feelings because of what I did.

Thanks for the great tutorial! I just made a bunch of these for my 16 year old daughter to give to her friends for Christmas. The first one was a bit of a mess, but after that they were perfect. They were super cheap to make, since all I had to buy were the zippers.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is more than escapism fiction sweeping its audience back to an era when show biz glamour danced with real-life intrigue, romantic entanglements and perceived impropriety. With memorable characters rivaling any Hollywood blockbuster, Taylor Jenkins Reid marries themes of loyalty, betrayal, friendship and love into a soaring, fast-paced and gripping performance. It leaves readers asking if they are merely role-playing with those they love or being true to an authentic self.

Summary. To write a reference letter for a friend, you should first state your relationship with your friend and how long you have known them. In the body of your letter, you should focus on your friends strengths and accomplishments and why they would b the best person for the position.

A good reference letter should leave a positive impression on the employer, and allow them to understand what makes your friend special. If you do that, the letter will be a great help to your friend, and bring them one step closer to getting that shiny new position.

A letter of recommendation for a friend is a document used to help an individual land a job, gain admittance to a school, or become a member of a private organization. It can also be called a character reference or a personal reference.

Opening paragraph. As mentioned previously, your first paragraph is your introduction. Therefore, you should state your relationship with your friend, and why that relationship is valid in the context of the letter.

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to write a reference letter for a friend if you believe they are the best candidate for the position. You should state your relationship with your friend and why the relationship is valid in the context of the letter. Be sure to focus on your friends strengths, accomplishments and any other positive things that would make them the best fit for the position.

One night, after a particularly brutal fight, you finally decide to end the relationship. But even after the breakup, your symptoms don't go away. You still can't eat. You continue to get panic attacks. A friend brings you to a psychiatrist. You are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and PTSD. And your psychiatrist says your symptoms were caused by your ex.

Welcome to, Balloons & Gifts - Balloon Delivery offers many nationwide consumers a beautiful selection of balloon delivery services that include unique balloons bouquets and gift items for every special occasion. offers countless ways to express your special wishes to your special friends and family.

For more advice and support tailored to your friend's specific situation, they may find it helpful to talk to one of our dementia advisers. To talk to an adviser, just call our Dementia Connect support line on 0333 150 3456. You can find more details here: -connect-support-line

My mom was a retired nurse and hospital administrator with a good pension. She had a book club and friends she hiked with weekly. While she hated that four of her grandchildren had moved so far away, she had four more who lived close and plans to visit the others soon. I needed to find out what I had missed. I needed to know, to understand how someone who seemed so happy could be so sad.

The summer after she died was the most difficult. I was working and taking the kids places and making dinner most nights, but even when I smiled or laughed, I was empty. I pretended I was fine, posted happy photos of my children on Instagram, and thought if I told friends that I was OK often enough it would be true.

The next morning the same ranger hiked back to her body and waited until the same helicopter hovered overhead and dropped a basket. By happenstance, my friend Megan had hiked to the bottom of the canyon that morning. She saw condors, rare to see at the canyon, swooping close to the rim.

Ok. Seriously, girl. How many bloggers are you related to or are childhood friends??? I swear, you have the best foodie personal connections of any blogger I know of! I'm hitchin' my wagon to yours!!! Oh-- also, this looks AH-MAZING :)

I am making this dish right, as my boyfriend and I love chicken tikka marsala. However, I am doubling recipe for leftovers and tasted marinade for chicken...a bit salty. Any suggestions to cut the salt; maybe adding more of another seasoning or spice? Thanks :) 041b061a72


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