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This platform is designed to help women (she/her) develop the courage to move forward and improve their general wellness.  We encourage the use of a guided self-affirmation and a blank journal along your journey of healing from within.

Claudine Cox 



In 2020, I facilitiated a virtual workshop at the WBLS, Circle of Sister Women's Conference called, The Perfect Me.  I also launched and exclusively offered the hardcover version of my self-affirmation journal, The Perfect Me Is Up To Me to the COS attendees for purchase.


To date, I still consider this to my favorite and most successful worskhops I ever facilitated.  I love connected with like-minded women, and I was equally proud to know that of the 271 women that registered, 269 attended, stayed and engaged with each other from beginning to the very end of this powerful yet impactful conversation.    

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will be exposed to various situations that influenced the 3 Stages of Human Life that we all experience using the acronym I. A. M.

In this workshop, you may have to revisit wounds you thought were healed.  Grab your pen and journal notebook and get ready to navigate this journey in 3 simple steps:

  • I- Identification (Ages Birth - 7)

  • A - Acceptance (Ages up to 14)

  • M - Movement (Ages up to 21)



Claudine facilitates workshops for clients with actionable steps 

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