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The Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job (Official Music Video)

The music video, directed by McG,[5] was shot on the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood. Several TV and movie set locations can be seen throughout the video, including Colonial Street (which was used as Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives) and Courthouse Square from the Back to the Future film series.Bob Eubanks, the host of the Newlywed Game, makes a cameo appearance. Towards the end of the video, Guy Cohen, who played the main character in the "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" video, makes a short appearance. Chris "X-13" Higgins appears in the video as a lazy boyfriend (as described in the third verse). Pussycat Dolls member Carmit Bachar plays his girlfriend.

The Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job (Official Music Video)

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The story: Making goofy music videos is a time-honored pop-punk tradition (much like shaving heads). Here, 5SOS become "superheroes" to show off their own daffy side for a scorching pop-punk cut straight out of 2001. Their early signature sound had come sharply into focus.

The story: This fizzy shout-along anthem one always reminded me of Sum 41's "In Too Deep," and the video fits that description, too. Instead of high-diving ne'er-do-wells, 5SOS (appropriately) play youthful millionaires in a reference-packed visual that, of course, ultimately ends up in the pool. "We wanted to show that at the end of the day, the band wanted to just be themselves, but we see them walking away from this really rich lifestyle," director Isaac Rentz told MTV News in 2015. "They don't need it, it's fun, but it's almost like an amusement park rather than something they really want." Regardless, 5SOS were young, "rich," and ready to take on the world.

The story: There's a reason the band has played this song live over 150 times in the past three years: It simply connects. You can see it in the fan-assisted music video; how the matured sound on Sounds Good Feels Good took 5SOS's spry vigor and amplified it into something supersonic. To do that, the band worked with former Evanescence member David Hodges and pointed the song directly at the sky, getting as large a sound as possible. It was only a matter of time until they did it again.

"We're keeping honest people honest," Apple said, pointing out that the competition wasn't other music shops, but file-sharing. Of course, there's still millions of people who don't value artists but want their music, but iTunes is now the world's most successful music store. It keeps a precious line of income coming into a music industry which continues to be led badly into its own incineration. Though people will always love music.

I don't know how to show you the art of the right way, but here is an example. The music group The Offspring took my boys actions/feelings clearing an al Qaeda training camp and translated them into a song/video.

Please.The Marines that did that were wrong and stupid. The one that recorded it and posted the video more so.They clearly have image issues and are probably pissed off about the tactics and ROE under which they work. I would be. Like it or not, line doggies see the dead enemy precisely as vermin. They don't want to revere them or reflect on the fact that the enemy probably had a mom too. It interfered with the job.They merit an Article 15, reduction in grade and maybe a discharge depending on their service record. period.This is not some huge societal flaw, it was a mistake... one that needs to be responded to and corrected but lets not get all "Oprah" about it.

I don't at all disagree with your point, but don't think you're interpreting the song and video in the way they're intended to be understood. Among other things, the song links the soldier ethos to school shootings in the last lines, and the video contains a lot of anti-war and in many ways anti-military imagery. (The Offspring have been pretty strongly anti-war and in many ways anti-military since at least their first album.) 041b061a72


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