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Google Earth On Android 2.1 ((INSTALL))

The Nexus One also features a cool new Google Earth app for mobile. The hi-res images of earth looked fantastic on the Nexus One's screen. The app also responds to voice commands, allowing a user to speak a location, prompting the app to move to that location on the map.

Google Earth on Android 2.1


To add an API key to the Android app, edit the AndroidManifest.xml file in android/app/src/main. Add a single meta-data entry containing the API key created in the previous step inside the application node.

South Africans are waiting for Navigation to stop being falsely disabled (I mean it's obvious it works here as some "mods" have proven to me) and for us to also have it so we can make use of these features.I highly recommend android phones but have had some VERY VERY upset friends and family who found out navigation is "unavailable" the hard way.Kinda shocked you guys didn't sort this out for the world cup actually, imagine all the Android users who were lost and frustrated?

"...and Europe where both Navigation and real-time traffic data are available"is this a joke ? sweden is not listed. I bought a Samsung S2 and thought that Google Maps was a good app. But i got really dissapointed. I will buy a real nav prog with turn by turn. Its just annoying to watch nice video of how google maps works, and it is not available i my country. And the function Directions is not for people who is driving a car, its the same as a papermap. Why does google release maps with directions ? what was google thinking ? Directions has NO use what so ever for us who use nav in cars...So the problem is now that i cant uninstall google maps... i dont want a app on my phone that is not working in my country.Im really dissapointed....

Now, to use Google Analytics or a product that recommends addingGoogle Analytics, you need to explicitly declare the Analyticsdependency: or

Updated internal Crashpad version to commit 281ba7. With thischange, disabling tagged pointers is no longer required, so the following canbe removed from your manifest's application tag:android:allowNativeHeapPointerTagging=false.

Added an obfuscation exclusion to the Proguardconfiguration for this AAR, to avoid potential reflection errors whenobfuscating NDK-enabled apps.

The Crashlytics Gradle plugin's dependency on thegoogle-services plugin has been modified to depend on task outputs fromgoogle-services rather than depend directly on the google-services taskitself. This change (1) resolves a warning that "execution optimizations havebeen disabled" for MappingFileUploadTask and SymbolFileUploadTask whenbuilding with Gradle 7 and (2) makes it easier to override the input for thosetasks for apps that don't use the google-services plugin.

To continue using Google AdMob, you need to explicitly add the dependency for the Google Mobile Ads SDK including its version ( to your app's build.gradle file.

If your app calls any Google Analytics APIs, you can continue using the Firebase BoM, but make sure that you explicitly add the dependency for the Firebase SDK for Google Analytics ( to your app's build.gradle file.

Changed the resolution order for google-services.json file to bestrictly inside-out. Specifically, deeper directories will always bechecked first for the configuration file before more shallow directories. Thisis a change from the previous behavior, where some shallow directories werechecked before deeper ones, making the order inconsistent and difficult topredict.

Apps that use the Firebase auto-initialization process and the Gradle pluginto convert google-services.json into resources are unaffected. However,apps that create their own FirebaseOptions instances must provide a validAPI key, Firebase project ID, and application ID.

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