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Buying An Ipad On Groupon

Somrata researches and writes about the best tech deals to help readers make smart, informed buying decisions. She's an expert on accessories and also reviews laptops, phones, audio and other devices.

buying an ipad on groupon


For some, the thought of buying a refurbished iPad is offputting, but it shouldn't be. As long as you're buying from a reputable source offering a warranty, a refurbished iPad will function exactly like its factory-fresh counterpart.

With a significant proportion of people already having an Amazon account, Amazon Renewed is a quick and easy way of buying a refurbished iPad and those with Prime subscriptions can take advantage of the retailer's handy free next-day delivery on eligible products.

Most approved customers qualify for an initial Spending Limit of $750-$1,500. The range is based on 2021 data and can vary depending upon creditworthiness and underwriting criteria. The range is updated at least annually. Zebit has a two-step underwriting process. Zebit verifies your identity, income, and/or employment, to allocate an initial Spending Limit as conditional credit for you to shop, and then we underwrite every purchase attempt at checkout. Zebit does not approve 100% of orders. Each order is evaluated and underwritten at checkout using a variety of factors to ensure responsible spending. We may temporarily freeze your ability to use your Spending Limit to encourage responsible buying behavior and allow you time to establish a positive payment history with us.

We know Amazon as the one-stop shop for buying almost anything we need. However, Amazon also offers refurbished products through the Amazon Renewed program. Given the comfort, reputation, and familiarity of use, many users can choose Amazon to buy any refurbished Apple product, including iPads.

i am a member. i am not malaysian and do not live there (so no i/c card) most groupon offers you can use no problem, however i have noticed that a lot of the travel offers have conditions relating to either malaysian citizen or must have malaysian i/c. as said by 007 check in the fine print before purchasing :-)

Just thought I would update- used 3 groupons today for Menara KL - not a problem and really easy. Great saving too - I think my issue last time is I went to change from paying via credit card to PayPal half way through. 041b061a72


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