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This platform is designed to help women (she/her) develop the courage to move forward and improve their general wellness.  We encourage the use of a guided self-affirmation and a blank journal along your journey of healing from within.

Claudine Cox 



Making Yourself A Priority


Hello Beautiful. Making Yourself A Priority is an 8-Part Video series that is designed to make you think during your time of self-reflection. Each video will require you to look within and selfishly answer challenge exercises that will cause you to look at things with a fresh perspective. Mel Robbins said it best, sometimes we don't set goals because we think we are not deserving of them. Here's what I know to be true as a faith believer: there is nothing that I can do that is so bad that my heavenly Father will change His mind about the blessings that He has earmakred for me before the beginning of time.

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